Who We Are / Brief History

intelligence³ “intelligence cubed” started in 1992 in Miami Beach, Florida USA, with the objective of providing consulting, advising, new technology development and marketing services for domestic and international business, as well as government agencies throughout the United States and overseas.

CIRILO DESOUZA, Founder/CEO with over 30 years in the IT industry, is an experienced executive and entrepreneur, graduated in Information Technology, specializing in the development of New Technologies, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Marketing, and Business Consulting. He is also involved in Government Relations as well as International Business Relations.

Photo Gallery / Work Moments

In the last 30 years in the United States, Cirilo has worked on projects with various US government agencies and the national and international private sector. His expertise spans across Technology, Cybersecurity, Blockchain/Cryptocurrency, Business Consulting, Marketing, Strategy, Logistics, Business Intelligence, and Crisis Management. Additionally, he has been actively involved in the media industry, Government and International Relations, Intelligence, and Diplomacy.

From 2008 to 2016, Cirilo provided advisory services to several US presidential campaigns, playing a crucial role in developing marketing strategies, campaign plans, and innovative technologies tailored for electoral political use.

In 2009 and 2010, he advised The National Congress of Brazil (Brasília), where he developed and implemented similar strategies for political purposes. He was responsible for overseeing online publications, communication initiatives, and raising awareness.

In 2017, Cirilo actively contributed to the development and creation of a new cryptocurrency/blockchain for a Miami-based financial group.

Recognizing the growing significance of the blockchain industry and the Cryptocurrency sector, Cirilo established IQ³.io in 2020. It is a dedicated division providing services related to blockchain, including ICOs, NFTs, Tokens, and Fintech projects.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Cirilo is a passionate Prompt Engineer. With his expertise in NLP and machine learning technologies, he collaborates closely with product development teams to understand user needs and build context around ChatGPT. His experience in this field has further enhanced his abilities in creating innovative solutions and delivering exceptional results.

Beyond his professional achievements, Cirilo is actively involved in philanthropic and humanitarian projects. He is a sought-after speaker and writer of empowering books www.cyrillo.online, sharing his insights and expertise with audiences around the world.

Our Skills

Our Skills 

The character of our company is defined by the character of our team. While each possesses extraordinary individual talents, we are drawn together by a shared set of values, what we call “The Intelligence3 Way”.

intelligence³  technology’s digital transformation practices and partnerships bring world-class talent with a breadth of expertise to confidently guide you from strategy to implementation.

Passion for solving problems

intelligence³ “intelligence cubed” nurtures and rewards a unique set of individuals: people who are driven by a clear desire to make a difference and who passionately believe that it takes the commitment and partnership of people to create positive change.
We know each day there are new problems to solve. We are consumed by problem-solving. We work with our customers and leverage other resources, both internally and externally, to solve them.

Innovative minds – Technical brilliance – Measurable results

intelligence³ is an inspiring synergy of Business, Technology, and Ethics. We emphasize that the Internet has been the catalyst for extensive change in our social and professional lives. It is one of the crucial Technologies that feeds our belief in constant social progress, with Ethics being an uncompromising universal value that governs all our advances. A strong sense of dynamic development and constant ethical grounding are the driving forces behind intelligence³ that encourages innovation, trust, and professional growth with an aim to help our clients succeed.

To-Do List roadmap

We follow a well-structured “To-Do List” that we have created that serves as a roadmap (an outline) to success in personal and professional endeavors. Provides clarity, prioritization and a systematic approach to tasks, ensuring nothing essential is forgotten. Following a to-do list increases productivity by breaking larger goals into manageable steps, reducing overwhelm. Ultimately, a to-do list is a powerful tool for efficiency, organization, and achieving desired results. Click here to see the To-Do List…

What we do to help you

Our focus is on always being the customers champion. We develop clear strategies and business rationale, behind a range of new products using our commercial, marketing and analytical experience.

Our approach is more relaxed and personal than some other bigger consultancy’s and you still benefit from years of experience and expertise.

intelligence³ offer a range of digital business centred consulting services. Covering both public and commercial facing services, we have the expertise you need.

We can assist with developing new programs, marketing and digital software development to maximise return. Using technology to acquire customers or launch and improve product or services.

Our Professionals

• Specialization in Marketing, IT, Logistics and Strategy, Government Relations, International Liason and Communications.

• Qualified Business Specialists that help clients to reform their operations and support their business by providing technical and intuitive guidance.

• Accomplished IT Professionals with extensive experience and a successful record implementing a broad range of domestic and international corporations, including consulting and project development to government agencies.

• Business coaching, providing business advice to small and medium business.

• Hands-on experience with Internet products and technologies, including project management, requirements definition, systems analysis, user interface (UI), design, programming, testing, quality assurance (QA) and implementation.

• Excellent organizational, analytical and communication, project management and business negotiation skills.

• Strong Communication, Presentation and Documentation Skills.

• Solid knowledge of Project Management principle, practices, and techniques. Solid knowledge of Cybersecurity including protecting sensitive and mission critical data from internal and external threats.

Technical Skill

• DevOps, Architectural Patterns, Software Architectures, Object Oriented – analysis and development
• Coding Languages: PHP 7, LAMP, Zend, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery-UI, XML, JSON/AJAX, C#, C++, ColdFusion, NodeJS, AngularJS, Boostrap, Laravel, React, Codeigniter, Python, Ruby, .NET, AWS Cognito
• CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Social Engine, E-Commerce, Magento
• Database: MySQL, MSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, PL/SQL, T-SQL and stored procedures
• User Interface (UI) / User Interaction (UX) / Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
• CRM: SugarCRM, Salesforce, ZohoCRM
• e-Commerce: Magento, wooCommerce, Amazon, eBay. Integration with: SolidCommerce, ShipStation, Lightspeed
• Social Media Marketing: Matching Content to Web Demand, Engage Customer Online, PayPerClick Network Development, Custom Campaigns, Google AdWords, SEMrush, A/B testing.
• SEO / SEM – Improving organic search results. Creates and launches SEO campaigns, identifies areas of improvement, runs PPC campaigns, and attempts to improve the clients’ sites’ rankings in major search engines
• Graphic / Web Designer with advanced skill of Adobe CC – Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Dreamweaver

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