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Our Marketing & Strategy team is responsible for deciphering industry trends, driving product strategy, defining our value proposition, keeping an eye on competition, and conducting ongoing corporate, government agencies, public and private institutions strategy reviews.

They are also in charge of making sure that our positive impact on the efficiency industry and the environment does not go unnoticed through advertising, press outreach, conferences, events, promotions, and collateral.


Strategic planning for the creation, modification and consolidation of images from enterprises, business entities, government agencies, public and private institutions, based on research (quantitative and qualitative) that can provide analysis necessary for formulating efficient strategies for Institutional Marketing, duly monitored during the execution of its various stages, with the use of new information technologies and traditional tools of social communication.


STRATEGY – Electoral Strategy with segmentation for different target groups, with the setting of targets to be achieved in the short, medium and long term, and the establishment of mechanisms for systematic evaluation of results
DIFFERENTIAL – Establishment of the differences between competing candidates, with possible explanations for their choice, coupled with the main theme of his campaign.
IMPLEMENTATION – Detailing the implementation of the strategy, including decision making and the tasks to be performed, their responsibility and costs.
BUDGETING – Budget preparation, including details of the revenue estimates and their methods of collecting and spending and control.
BRAND CAMPAIGN – Study and Development of the brand campaign, including Campaign Motto (slogan) and symbols of the campaign, according to the ideas, positions and candidate project for the region.
GRAPHIC DESIGN – Study of Symbols and artwork, Poster basic buttons, screen saver, Banners, Logos and Layout, according to the segmentation (Regional, Ethnic Groups)
LOGISTICS – Definition of Logistics Implementation Resources – Task Force / responsibilities and implementation schedules.



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