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Internet Marketing Packages

Although we offer one-time SEO Optimization packages, we strongly advise that you maintain a 3 month Internet Marketing Campaign. This will help assure that all the strategies that are placed can maintain over the course of your campaign.


What is Internet Marketing? In Simple English

How It Works

On selecting one of your Web Solutions’ Internet Marketing Packages, you will be directed to check out – We currently use PayPal. If you prefer a different method please contact Cirilo DeSouza at 786-281-5704 to discuss an alternative method. You may cancel your plan at any time.

We are proud to announce that we can get you excellent results merely in the first month, thanks to our dedicated team of professionals. However, we do recommend a minimum of three months and preferably an ongoing campaign for excellent results. We respect deadlines and will complete the task in time, following which we will send you a report.

You will achieve better results and higher search engine rankings if you make use of multiple SEO resources for your campaign. The longer you stay, you can build more links, thus achieving a higher search engine position. However, your keywords must be competitive enough to help you target your audience and achieve higher rankings.

Keyword phrases

It is important to carefully choose your keyword phrases to get the desired outcome. If you need any assistance in choosing key phrases, we will gladly help you make the selection on the basis of the website address supplied by you. If possible, try to have multiple phrases for your website, as it is unexpected of the audience to link to your site through the only phrase repeatedly.

Research Tools

You can download the trial version of Market Samurai if you require a keyword tool to select buying keywords that are popular in the search engines. You can expect new ideas using this tool and also measure search volume. You can even make use of the Google keyword tool and get excellent results.

Author Bio

You may share with us information about the specific kind of target market. You may want to personalize the site by including a picture of yourself using this efficient element of social marketing. Remember, a more detailed and personalized profile would help you attract the target audience.

Starter Pack for Small Businesses

Our Web Solutions Starter Pack offers you the perfect way to seek services of our well-trained professionals to create customized content for you to be distributed to quality sites on your behalf.

In this pack, we focus on four keywords. While we will ask you to choose four targeted key phrases, our writers will write a unique, original article focusing on those keywords. Then we will create four different rewritten versions of these articles, which would be posted to trusted sites for quality syndication. We will have three in-text follow links from quality PR1 – PR4 sites to get you more eyeballs. We will then post the content on trusted web 2.0 properties.

We will use social media sites to promote your content and will bookmark all content posts on these networks. We will then sign up for RSS feeds from the websites where we have posted your content and mash up the feeds. This would be used to feed different distribution sites. We will use popular ping networks to announce all your posts to ensure that the content is noticed on popular search engines.

Anchor text

There would be key phrases in the anchor text that will target your website in the properties.

Tracking [not offered]

We do not offer trackable links. There are a number of websites to which we submit content that do not allow tracking for privacy reasons. If you set Google Alerts for all the targeted key phrases, you can notice excellent results produced by us.


You would receive a report of all the completed work details. We usually take three weeks to complete the task. Your account manager will receive an invitation from our support desk on ordering this package. You are free to attach pictures, post articles, and discuss the project with your account manager. Though we are known to do more than what we promise, we will not disclose linking resources, nor supply logins for accounts. Your site may also rank higher for other phrases, besides the target phrases.

We require the following details:

  • The target website address that you would like to promote (we allow you to choose even sub-web pages from one domain)
  • Core four key phrases and the web pages on the same domain that you wish to rank


It is Silver Web Solutions’ goal to provide you with the highest quality and result-driven work; however, we usually commence work for the ordered package once the keywords have been posted on any page’s title on the same domain, not only the home page.

Four keywords not enough, consider our Professional Pack with 10 keywords or Advanced Pack with 20 keywords and more features!!!


Professional Service Pack

With our Professional Service Pack, you get more custom content to be distributed on high quality sites. Though the targeted keyword number is ten, you will surely get higher traffic with these.

The package includes:

Please select ten targeted key phrases, around which we will write ten original articles.

  • With these ten articles, we will create over 25 rewritten versions and post them to high quality sites and directories
  • We will post your content on at least 10 established quality web 2.0 properties
  • We will link those web 2.0 layers to a new layer of quality properties so that the content gets noticed
  • We will have eight in-text links from reliable PR1 – PR4 sites to help you get noticed
  • We will create a PDF document for you to be placed on highly valued and visited websites
  • We will create one custom video highlighting your brand image and message to spread the word about you more explicitly
  • We will share the video with multiple video distribution sites to help expand your reach
  • We will make sure all new posts are bookmarked in popular social media sites, so that these are easily found
  • We will post your content on social media networks
  • We will gather RSS feeds from the sites where your content has been posted and mash up the feeds, which would then be posted to feed several distribution websites
  • We will announce all your posts on popular ping networks, which would ensue the content gets noticed on popular search engines

Anchor text

We will use proper key phrases in the anchor text directing to your site in all properties.

Tracking [not available]

Trackable links are not included in the package as some websites to which we submit content do not give permission to tracking links due to privacy reasons, which

impacts the traceable footprint. Please set Google Alerts for the targeted key phrases to witness an excellent outcome.

Professional Package: What We Need

  • Ten core key phrases
  • Target landing pages appropriate to those keywords on the same domain
  • Official images that we are allowed to use in PDFs, videos


We have professionals in our media team that will make your customized video based on a unique sales script.


We seek client’s approval before finally posting and submitting the same to article sites and directories, this being a high level custom pack. We are open to edit and make changes to just anything that you may require, be it pictures, content. What’s more, you can upload content, attach images, and discuss the project with your account manager.


We promise to complete the job within four weeks of our receipt of the complete data set and information from you. Once we have received payment from you, we would be able to give you instructions. What’s more, we will share a PDF summary report after completion of the job. Since our content syndication methods are of private nature, logins for accounts are not included in the package, which will highlight the results and include a report telling you about the placement of the best content.


We will begin working on the package once the keywords have been placed in the web page title. The keywords can be placed on any page of your site, and it is not mandatory to place them on the home page.

Ten keywords not enough? Consider our Advanced Pack with 20 keywords and more features!!!

Enterprise Package

The Advanced package is the highest level content creation and distribution package that can help you effectively promote your campaign and spread your message to your target audience in your competitive market and stay ahead of the competition.

How the package works

  • We suggest you choose at least 20 target key phrases
  • We will write 20 original articles from those key phrases
  • We can rewrite the 20 articles 55 times and create original articles (you can send us core text data if you seek control over the text)
  • We will syndicate the articles to the highest quality article syndication networks
  • We will promote the articles on five social media sites
  • We will create 20 quality web 2.0 properties to boost your campaign
  • We will strengthen the first layer and add deeper layers of web 2.0 properties linking each other
  • We will have 20 in-text links from PR1 – PR4 sites
  • We will create one custom PDF file to be distributed to reliable sites
  • We will create one premium quality video to be distributed among multiple video quality networks to kick-start your campaign in a visual medium
  • We will craft one Press Release targeting your audience and submit the same to PRweb to give you more exposure
  • We will bookmark all new posts through social networking websites
  • We will syndicate RSS feeds to the RSS networks
  • We will ping all new posts
  • We will backlink boost your existing and new links

Anchor text

Proper key phrases will be used in the anchor text which will direct to your site in all properties.

Tracking [not available]

Since some websites where we submit links do not permit tracking links due to privacy reasons, we avoid including traceable links, which reduces your overall traceable footprint. We suggest setting Google Alerts for core key phrases so that you are able to see excellent results.

What are our requirements for this Advanced Package

All we need to design your Advanced package includes

  • 20 targeted key phrases
  • Landing pages you would like to promote
  • Official images that are permissible for use

Press Release

Press releases are an effective medium to spread the word about you, your brand, products/services. If you would like to take maximum advantage of this medium, please tell us what is newsworthy about your brand, which others are not familiar with or aware. By letting us know what you would like to promote to the world, you can easily and effectively manage your brand reputation.

The press release may be about:

  • Bonuses
  • Milestones
  • Special offers
  • Discounts
  • New product launch
  • Product/service upgrade
  • Your Contact Details, including your name, valid company name, personal email, and contact number


We will seek your approval to the press release before submitting the same to PRWeb, since this is a high-level custom pack.


Once we have received the complete data set, the entire package will take five weeks for completion. On receiving payment, we will provide you with detailed instructions about how to proceed. Your prior approval to the custom video is imperative for us before we can submit the same to different directories. You will receive a short SEO PDF summary report soon after we are done with the job. Please note that logins for any account are not included in the package because of the private nature of our high level profile linking patterns. However, we will certainly help you easily analyze the outcome of using our services by highlighting the before and after results. Upon request, your package includes one independent backlink report.

NOTE We can start working on the ordered package once keywords are placed on the page title of the website, which should not be the home page and can be any page on the same domain having the keywords.



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